Floral Smudge Wand

Floral Smudge Wand


Smudging is one of, if not the BEST cleansing tool known today. This 4000 year old method is used by thousands of people daily, to cleanse their environments of negative and unwanted energies. 


Smudge Wands are mostly made up of different plants, flowers and herbs. In our case, ours are made up with pure white sage and purple sinuata. Lighting a smudge wand creates a spiritually cleansing smoke bath, which purifies anything from crystals, to ones spirit. 


Sage is commonly found within the mountains of California, America. Native Americans used Sage very often in their cleansing rituals and ceremonies. It was used to get rid of any unwanted persisiting energies, and used to ask the spirits for blessings, protection and so much more. 


    Please make sure to diminish the flame once finished. This can be done by simply running the wand under water or dipping the wand in 2 inches of water. 


    1. Light the tip of the smudge wand with a lighter and blow out the flame carefully. Also make sure there is a window open in the room that you are cleansing to create a path for the negative energies to go. 

    2. When ready, start working the smudge wand in a clockwise motion in the areas that need cleansing. This can be done for as long or as little as you need. Work on cleansing all the corners of your room/environment as that's where most energies build up in. 

    3. If you have a crystal collection, it's crucial to cleanse them atleast once a week. This will allow your crystals to work at their full potential without the build up of so many different energies. 

    4. If you like, you can also work the wand around your body, in case you feel any unwanted energies clinging to you. 

    5. Once you're finished, Please remember to diminish the flame under cold running water. You can also place the wand in 2 inches of water for 1 minute and then placed out to dry. 

    Repeat this method atleast once a week or as much or as little as you would like.